The PADI accredited Scubadoo Dive Centre, Spain, has the finest Scuba Diving facilities on the Spanish Costa del Sol

The PADI accredited Scubadoo Dive Centre, Costa del Sol, Spain, is equipped to meet all of today's Scuba Diving needs!

Scubadoo Dive Centre, Spain. Dave and Dot who own Scubadoo, offer well over 35 years experience and a wide variety of courses.

Your Hosts

Dorothy and Dave with Golden Retriever, Bess. 

You're always assured of a warm and friendly welcome - particularly from Bess!

A wide range of equipment is always available for hire or purchase and there are many interesting and varied dives in the area.

Dave has over 30 years of diving experience. The last 10 involving overall respon- sibility for safety in profess- ional diving operations. Dave is an adept teacher too. (qualifications below)

Reception Area

Showroom, and equipment- washing facilities are integ- rated with reception in this spacious area. 

The modern compressor room is in the rear left corner with the training room and a second display area along the corridor.

The Scubadoo Dive Centre, Spain, is spacious and well equipped
The Padi accredited Scubadoo dive centre, Spain, offers excellent training facilities

Training Facilities

Dave (2nd in on right) does most of the tuition at the well-equipped centre... but on this occasion he is a student.

The training session, on "Boat Handling and Navi- gation", is being conducted by a visiting specialist, Anthony McGill.
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> PADI Open Water Instructor

> Medic First Aid Instructor

> HSE Pt 1 & 2 (air+mixed gas)

> AODC Air Supervisor

> BSAC Instructor

> Diver Medical Technician

> RYA International Certificate

> Member, Society for Underwater


> BSAC Advanced Diver

> PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

> Registered General Nurse with hyper-
   baric experience (decompression).

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